Hacks Everyone Should Know to Upgrade your AirPods for Secure, Better Fit

AirPods tend to deliver an unparalleled wireless headphone experience to their users. Put them in your ears and they connect immediately, immersing you in rich, high-quality sound. Just like magic.

It is indeed magic if you get to hear it. However, it never stays in one’s ears securely because the earbud tips are made out of smooth plastic instead of silicone. And it does not fit every ear perfectly. People with larger ears may find their AirPods slipping out so often, which is exactly what you do not want to happen on the street or even grate, finding any one or both of the earbuds.

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Here are our 3 favourite economical AirPods upgrades for you.

1. Add Ear Tips

The easiest way to upgrade AirPods to fit and stay in your ears is to add ear tips. These can come in a few different variations, and most only cost a few dollars.

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These silicone ear tip covers from AhaStyle wrap over the top of AirPods and essentially turn them into in-ear wireless earbuds and channel sound deeper into your ear canals.

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There are also ear hooks with "fins" (also called "wings") that hook into the insides of your ears to keep them in place. We recommend these for activities like running or working out where there's a higher chance AirPods might slip out with more sweeping movements.

2. Cushion the Tip Side
Source: NewZealandMatt, MacRumors Forum

Via Reddit, a new solution has been found by a user named “NewZealandMatt” on an Apple forum. It is actually quite smart. Using a hole punch and a roll of Nexcare Absolute Waterproof Tape, which is cushioned and grippy, you can strategically place tiny dots on your AirPods so they stick in your ears without slipping. No worries, tape is completely hidden inside your ear while you’re using the AirPods.

3. Add a Neck/ Ear Strap

For hardcore runners and sports founders, adding a neck strap is an easy way to prevent your AirPods from flying out of your ears on a run and also lets you dangle them around your neck during breaks.

The above one from GMYLE is pretty basic, but if you want something less likely to get tangled up, this one has a magnetic clasp to fasten the two AirPods together either in your pocket or around your neck.

Hope that the above mind-blowing tips can help you out and your AirPods can stay by your side always!


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