Apple just quietly revealed the new $250 AirPods Pro — here's how they compare to regular AirPods

Source: Antonio Villas-Boas (Business Insider)

Source: Apple

Without an event or fanfare, Apple revealed its new AirPods Pro.

The AirPods Pro are an entirely different line of AirPods that offers extra features over the regular AirPods. As with anything that has extra stuff, the AirPods Pro cost more than the regular AirPods, which are still sticking around. 

The AirPods Pro cost as much as $90 more than the standard AirPods — check out what the major differences are:

1. The AirPods Pro cost $250, and the regular AirPods cost between $160 and $200.
Source: Apple

AirPods start at $160, but if you opt for the wireless-charging case included, they'll cost you $200.

2. The AirPods Pro have an in-ear design that fits in your ear canal, while the regular AirPods simply sit in your ears. The tips are made of flexible silicone.
Source: Apple

3. The AirPods Pro can last for 4 1/2 hours on a single charge, while the regular AirPods last for five hours on a single charge. Apple says that both the AirPods Pro and the regular AirPods have "more than 24 hours" of battery life in their respective charging cases.
Source: Apple

4. The AirPods Pro are wireless charging only — there's no option for a non-wireless-charging model like with the regular AirPods.
Source: Apple

5. The AirPods Pro wireless charging case is wider than the regular AirPods charging cases.
Source: Apple

6. The AirPods Pro come with active noise canceling, while the regular AirPods don't.
Source: Apple

7. The AirPods Pro have a force sensor in the stem to control music and calls, and enable a "transparency mode" that does the opposite of noise canceling and lets sound in. The regular AirPods don't have a force sensor in their stems.
Source: Apple

8. The AirPods Pro have an "adaptive EQ" feature that Apple says "automatically tunes music to the shape of your ear for a rich, consistent listening experience." The regular AirPods don't have this feature.
Source: Apple

9. The AirPods Pro are water- and sweat-resistant, while the regular AirPods are not.
Source: Apple
10. The AirPods Pro aren't as compatible with some of the older Apple devices that the regular AirPods are.
Source: Apple

For the AirPods Pro, Apple doesn't list the iPhone 5S, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, iPad Air (first generation), or the iPod Touch (sixth generation) as being compatible. 

Apple says the regular AirPods will work with those older Apple devices.

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