Midnight Green, is it the Best Color? How to Decide among 6 Vibrant Colors of iPhone 11?

The new iPhone 11 series has just launched on 20 September. Apart from the new features and speculations, 3 brand-new color options of the 3 models line up in the hottest topic as well. Here’s the list of the available colors from different models, including green and purple of iPhone 11 (6.1”) and midnight green of iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max. More importantly, a guide on how to decide between the rainbow!

iPhone 11, the successor to 2018’s colorful iPhone XR, comes with in 6 colors.

Source: Apple
  • Purple (new!)

  • Green (new!)

  • Red

  • Yellow

  • Black

  • White

Source: YouTube/MKBHD

Apple's new purple option is more of a lavender, completing the trio of pastel options on the iPhone 11.

It is sweet but in a subtle way. Choosing purple may say that you are in it for form over function, as there may be scuffs on the light color. But there’s nothing wrong with that, to own and use pleasant-looking things 💜

Source: Apple

The new green option is another cute and light one; the shade is minty. You may need to take note that this pastel color will show scuffs easily as well, so you will need to be extra careful if you are not using case. Choosing green draws people attention, gives a feeling of security and comfortability 💚

Unlike the new pastel color options, the bold red phone product is a scene-stealer. Choosing red says you are confident; do not mind standing out ❤️

Another bright color option for you is yellow. It is the pick for someone who loves smile, fun and causal. Choosing yellow makes your days summer every day 💛

No need to say, black and white options are always classic. They are easy to go with anything. At the same time, they give a more grown-up and mature feel when comparing to the brighter pastel color options. For the black phone, it helps to hide the marks or scratches 🖤

Source: Apple

After talking about the iPhone 11, if you would love to enjoy Pro features and performance from the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max, you can get to know here at the hottest exclusive color option for Pro models, Midnight Green.

Source: Apple

It is in the tone of dark green, hinting a little at “military camouflage”. Views from people are rather polarized. Some think that the green phone is quite weird (along with the triple camera array). It is not typically a color you see on smartphones or even electronics in general either.

However, people who saw it in person take the opposite side. It is not ugly as you have heard. The distinctive dark green variety looks amazing and refined, combined with the vaguely milky frosted finish, making it much less slippery to hold, as well as cutting down significantly on fingerprints.

It is subtle, yet unique, cool and chic. Match it with a clear case and the wowing look is ready!

Some of you have also been considering upgrading your “Apple Gear Set” by getting AirPods together with the new iPhone. You will need a good case that is durable enough to protect your iPhone and AirPods against drop, impact and scratches. So why don’t you make them a perfect color set with your new iPhone? Here we introduce AirPods cases from GMYLE with the newbie in the house, Midnight Green.

Source: GMYLE

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Source: GMYLE

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